Most of these are drawings which are pretty big in size. They are done in indian ink, crayons, watercolors, and more. The use of mix media is important for me because i utilize my senses, touch, and feelings as tools. the pastel can be applied with tip of my fingers like a caress if I want something soft and want to express a sleepy, cloudy atmosphere. By contrast, if I am feeling nervous or want to portray agression, the piece of chalk can be thrown at the paper with rage and that will be a totally different experience for the viewer. I love doing these because I open myself up without recalling something that i have learned or without any real self barriers for the outcome. I enjoy not monitoring each one of my gestures and somehow be in control of the final piece.

« Hannah », 2022 is exhibited at THE Museum !

I ship my drawings all over the world. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing piece and I can put you in contact with an agent in your area.